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David R. Laurence - a.k.a. "The Chrono Guy"

David has over forty years of experience in the areas of design, manufacturing, restoration and marketing of fine jewelry and luxury level timepieces. Beginning his career as an apprentice jeweler and watchmaker while still a teenager, he later innovated manufacturing techniques that gained industry wide attention and found their way into utilization within the commercial watch and jewelry trades. David's multi-decade obsession with the chronograph mechanism, which gained him industry-wide renown as the “Chrono Guy", led to his role with Gallet of Switzerland as the famous company’s chief watch designer and engineer. His in-depth knowledge on the subjects of horology and timepieces has resulted in numerous contributions to books and published articles on the subject.

Below is a sampling of the important vintage and antique watches David personally restored for timekeeping museums and timepiece collectors worldwide.

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