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One of today's most dynamic art, design and engineering teams, Amanda Slaz and David Laurence have bestowed the world with objects of virtue and exceptional works of art for decades.
The following are among the thousands that own and collect the creations of Amanda Slaz and David Laurence:

- Joan Barnett - movie and television producer, Los Angeles, Emmy Award nominee

- Allen Cahn - ABC Studios, former vice president

- Gloria Cromwell - stage and screen actress, England

- Allen Landsburg - Buena Vista Studios, movie producer, Emmy Award winner

- Antonio Maro - internationally renown artist, Belgium

- Nancy McNeil - McNeil-Tylenol Laboratories

- Haley Mills - actress, London, Academy and Golden Globe winner

- Evelyn Millman - curator, Museum of Art, Science, and Industry, Bridgeport, Connecticut

- Carol Sedestrom-Ross - American Craft Council, American Craft Museum NYC, former president

- Sonya Ben-Shmuel - Big Ben Time Corporation

- Lowery Simms - Metropolitan Museum of Art, curator, 20th century art

- Cindi Sutherland - Whitney Museum of Art

- Oprah Winfrey - actor and television personality, Chicago

- And many more...
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