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Originally hired to design, engineer and build the infrastructure as well as produce the marketing for Central Park, a new state-or-the-art concert facility in Negril, Jamaica, Amanda and David's commission greatly expanded when the project broke ground.
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Produced by Uhuru Promotions, the music production company founded by Amanda and David, the very first concert at Central Park featured a retrospective of talent ranging from the early days of Ska to contemporary Reggae. This event won the 1993 Jamaica "Show of the Year" award.
Sound engineers at the mixing board during a Central Park concert. Engineered by David Laurence, an underground tunnel was constructed to house the power lines and cables that traveled from the mixing area to the stage.
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The concert stage, designed and engineered by David Laurence. Constructed by David and crew. African Kenti pattern back drop designed by Amanda.
Elevated balconies, designed, engineered and constructed by David Laurence to increase seating capacity to 11,000 people.
Gates designed by Amanda with traditional African, Carribean and music related themes. Built by a local Jamaican welding crew under Amanda's supervision. 
8' tall billboards, designed by Amanda Slaz for each event. Executed by a team of local Jamaican artists under Amanda's direction, a minimum of 20 billboards were distributed island-wide prior to each concert.
Design for album cover also used on t-shirts. Designed by Amanda, shirts were sold during Central Park concerts.
"Three Raggamuffin" t-shirt, designed by Amanda for sale during Central Park concerts.
Another beautiful Negril sunset.
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